"Crucially, mobile learning can contribute to the global commitment to provide quality education for children, youth and adults, as expressed in the goals of Education for All (EFA)" (UNESCO Policy Brief on Mobile Learning 2010)

The SignWiki Initiative Aims for Empowerment and Equity through ICT and Mobile Learning

The principal aim with SignWiki from the onset was to develop a low-cost and easy-to-use tool for the dissemination of sign languages which could be utilized by organizations involved in deaf education in different countries. Of particular interest in this regard are developing countries where great efforts are required to work towards equal access for deaf people in society. The overall objective is to enhance the access of Deaf people in developing countries to communication and participation in society by strengthening the respective sign languages through the use of information and communication technologies.

SignWiki was developed to enable organizations and associations involved in deaf education to make efficient use of existing resources. Organizations can utilize a shared platform with access to sign language resources, build their own sign language dictionaries and access templates to link signs, teaching materials, exercises and quizzes and make these materials available cross platforms. For this purpose, SignWiki adopted a generic approach and is set-up as a wiki "farm, which means that numerous different sites using different sign languages can be set-up with little additional technical cost. Local organizations are then required to collect information and register signs and videos relating to their respective sign languages. The SignWiki approach is based strictly on cooperation with a local organization in each country, which assumes responsibility over its implementation.